1. What size are the boat numbers for licenced pleasure craft?  All boat numbers for licenced pleasure craft are 3" high and our fonts range between 15 and 25 inches long depending on the font you choose. See the chart below.Canada Boat Number Height 3" Licence Numbers
  2. Are the numbers pre-spaced or do I have to put each number on seperately?  All our boat numbers arrive to you pre-spaced on a backing and pre-masked with a top masking hinge for very easy installation.  The masking allows you to position and reposition the full decal until you are ready to apply it.
  3. How are they applied?  Once you have the decal in the position you like, I like to cut it a few places between the spaced letters.  This will leave you with three small sections of masked numbers, which you simply lift up, carefully remove the backing, and then apply with the supplied squeegee.
  4. When do you have to register a boat or small vessel?  If you are a commercial vessel/boat with a motor over 10 hp you need to register.  There are other cases such as government vessels etc that must be registered but check the transport canada site for more info.  You can also register a pleasure craft but there is a fee and then you can put a boat name and port of registry on the hull, with a the reg number and tonnage on the interior of the boat/vessel.  See the regs here... http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/marinesafety/oep-vesselreg-registration-menu-2311.htm#registering